God – socially unacceptable!

Once, when I was a child, my granny came to visit us and brought me a book with prayers. I was so thrilled and happy about it, all interested and eager to learn them and start saying them. But few years later it was all gone, the book, my faith and all the interest I had for it. Going back in time and remembering these moments got me thinking… What If I was to give such a book to my nephew today? He would probably think his aunt has finally gone completely nuts!

A couple of years  back, I decided that I need to get in touch with my faith again, I need to find it, polish it well and put it on some nice sunny place, where I can see it every day. For good fortune, right around that time in my life there were few people who helped me to look in the right direction, and with their help, slowly I started traveling, step by step, bump by bump back to my roots, to my soul, to God. It is not easy and the journey will probably take a lifetime, but  even so, it is wonderful.

There are several reasons that made me search for what’s within my heart and try to make it a place where God could live.

First – I fear death! I guess we all do, but there comes a point in our lives when we realize that death is inevitable, and I don’t know about you, but it gives me the heebie-jeebies.

Another reason is that I believe in Christian values. And I believe that in strong Christian families grow happy, confident, kind and genuine children. And I like that, I would like that for my family too.

And also… When did it become ok to read and discuss  50 Shades of Gray, but totally not ok to read the Bible?

A while ago, I mentioned to a friend of mine that I started reading the Bible and her response was “Should I be worried about you? Not getting crazy, are you?”  she was probably mostly joking, but I am sure joking or not she did mean that, she did indeed find it weird.

So, you see, to read a book about sexual perversions is rather normal and definitely socially acceptable, but God forbid to read The Book of Books

Or another example, talking to a very close relative about the same things, faith, God, the Bible, church… And she tells me, “Just don’t take it too seriously, everything is good, if it isn’t too much…”

“ Ok…? I don’t seem to understand, how does someone’s faith become too much?”

“Well, you know how these people are, living away from their families in some monasteries, just don’t let it take you away from your family…”

Seriously! Christianity, my faith… will take me away from my family?

Or the other common reaction “Are you in some sort of a sect?”

I would really like for my family reading the Bible to be at least as socially acceptable as… I don’t know… watching “The Matrix”. Or going to liturgy to be as natural as going to a disco or a club…

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