Failure? Yes, please!

Do you remember that time when you had a great idea but you didn’t act on it?
I remember. I remember the fear… thinking that I am probably not good enough, and if I try and fail, everyone will see that, and will know, that I am just not good enough…

But why? Why fear failure, when it only means that you were brave enough to try something outside your zone of comfort. Something that those that would judge you and pity you, didn’t dare try. No, they were too comfortable, sitting there, where nothing interesting ever happens, and what bigger failure than that if you ask me…

It’s not about them though, it’s about you, about being alive, making impact, inducing change, growing, learning, being present. Failure is a good thing, it means a lot of things, and none of them is incapability or incompetence.

And there is no failure where there is a lesson. You might have been aiming elsewhere, but not everything is about the destination, the miracles happen on the way.

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