Day Zero

Today we bought our first watermelon for this year and it felt like summer! ❤
Summer- that joyful time of the year when the days are long and lazy, the parties seem to never end, and the food tastes like heaven. To celebrate that, I decided to start preparing something fresh and simple every day. And today, we are having a watermelon for dinner, it doesn’t get much simpler than that, plus… there is enough left for breakfast!.

Yet, there is something not so simple about that- choosing the right watermelon. Here are few tips, how to choose a nice ripe watermelon:

1. If you tap it and the sound you hear is hollow, it must be good.

2. Try to give it a squeeze, if it does a crackling sound- great! It’s ripe.

3. It is a good sign if the vine is dry, it gets dry once the watermelon is ripe.

Well, that’s it. Happy watermelon’s day.

In Bulgaria we like to eat watermelon with white cheese – sirene
Might sound weird but it tastes great!


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