Day 1

Some lunches are just not meant to be… complicated!
If there was a keyword in my Day Zero post, that was “to prepare”. Who says that cooking is a must? Especially in the summer, when the last place I want to be is the kitchen.
So, in honor of that, I present you- the fast lunch.

Sandwiches with prosciutto, which can go easily without it, or be replaced by some smoked tofu or anything else (smoked if possible).
I have sliced some of my home-made bread. No I don’t spend 3 hours per day kneading, baking, etc. I’ve got a bread maker, basically, you put everything in, choose a program and you are good to go. If anyone want’s to know more about it, please let me know.
Back to the sandwiches- I’ve cut 3-4 slices of bread, halved them, then dripped few drops of olive oil, added prosciutto, a slice of tomato, and at the end I’ve sprinkled some chia seeds, et voila!
Some carrot and pepper sticks on a side would be great too.


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