By the river

What is it about the river that always makes you feel at ease?
Is it the smell of wet bark? Or the splash of jumping fish?
The ducks chasing each other, flapping their wings, furrowing the water like the most skilled surfers cleave through the waves in the ocean…
Or  is it the laughter of the children feeding the swans, running barefoot on the soft soil?
The faraway look of that soul, sitting on the river bank with his dreams in his mind?
The red cheeks of the girl kissed for a first time?
The chill of the water, that feels like Heaven, on a hot day.
The glass of wine that feels like a divine touch on your lips.
Or is it the grass in June? So green… sparkling like million scattered jades…
Or may be the sunset aria of the crickets that fills your heart with joy?
And may be it is all of that, and more…



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