Day 3

Today I went for a swim, a first for this year. Oh, Summer, I’ve been missing you badly!
But since you’re already here, let me tell you the rules.
First of all, no cooking! Not a week without a party!
Every day there shall be dancing, sometimes there could be music as well!
Wine- always cold, tea- always warm. Lemonade every day! Fruit every day! Party every night!… Wait! What? Didn’t we say once a week?… Moving forward.

So, my fresh meal for today is oven roasted fish, olives and courgettes salad, and some raw tomato salad.
Very simple, really.

1. Fish (fillet) coated in some coconut oil, bread crumbs and parmesan cheese. Roasted on 220° C.
2. Courgettes (diced) and olives stewed in some olive oil. A moment before turning off the heat add some sweet paprika, salt, and dill.
3. Fresh tomatoes, cut on half moons, and basil leaves (chopped), topped with few drops of olive oil, salt, and chia seeds.
– A tip: Let it rest in the fridge for half an hour before eating.



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