A colourful day

Our little girl, Julie, is recently going through transformation- she’s no more a little baby! As every parent of a kid at the age of two knows, there are days when you wish you could hide somewhere for 2-3 hours, or months…
We’ve been through some really tough moments, especially in the past few months. Sometimes I need time for myself and can’t bring myself to pay her all the attention that she needs. She started getting upset easily, many times she is unable to understand why we refuse to give her everything that she wants in the moment when she wants it.
You know, the usual stuff.

Anyhow, on one of the bad days, Julie- angry that she doesn’t know what she wants but convinced  that it’s all my fault, and I- at my wits’ end, ready to crumble, decided that we need something colourful to happen!
Like this little fellow!


She had a wonderful time, pulling the pipe cleaners through the holes, and it kept her occupied for quite sometime. We couldn’t agree on whether this is an octopus or a spider though.

And since we were having a colourful day, what better afternoon snack, than fruits and rainbow sprinkles served in a plastic bowl lid…






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