Day 6

Bulgarian summer soup- tarator
A bowl of freshness and health.
I am quite convinced that there is no Bulgarian family that will go through the summer without putting on their table tarator- soup at least once! I like it for couple of reasons:

  1. It tastes good, it’s creamy, moderately spicy, and ever so fresh!
  2. It is easy and fast to prepare.
  3. Packed with nutrients.


You will need some:

  • 1 Yoghurt ( plain)
  • Cucumber – 1 long
  • Few cloves of garlic (4-5)
  • Fresh dill
  • Coarsely ground walnuts (1 handful, or 1,5)
  • Salt and a dash of olive oil

The yoghurt can be any of your choosing. I prefer more sour and less creamy ones, but any will do. Beat it up, until it gets smooth, and add water to it, slowly, while beating it, so you will avoid lumps. Add water, as much as the yoghurt you used. Chop up the cucumber as finely as possible. Some people use grater, but I prefer to chop it on hand, on a really small pieces. Same goes for garlic, if you have mortar and pestle use it. Chop the dill as well, and add everything to the beaten up yoghurt. Add some salt and olive oil, stir the mixture good, and put it in the fridge for an hour.

That’s it, I hope you’ll enjoy it!



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