Summer in Prague- What to Pack

  If you happen to travel to Prague in the summer, you are in for a lot of fun. Although this city turns into fairytale in the winter, in a dreamy painting in the autumn and in a romantic poem in the spring, summertime in the Golden City is not something you want to miss out on.

Festivals and outdoor events everywhere – music, cold beer, fresh bakery, and joyful people. Old and young, authentic and modern, gothic and romantic, the old capital of the Roman empire has been only getting more charming with age.


There are few things I’d suggest you pack, if you are planning a trip to Prague this summer.

First of all – COMFORTABLE SHOES! Ladies, make sure you’ve prepared an outfit that goes with tennis shoes, or a pair of comfy shoes. Part of the charm of this city comes from the narrow cobblestone streets, running up and down, meandering between the magnificent steeples, perched on the tops of bewitched castles, churches and towers.

Waterproof jacket and sun glasses! Yep! Because here you never know. The weather here changes really fast sometimes, especially in the spring and in the summer.

Swimming suit. There is no sea around, that is true, but there are plenty of pools, beach bars, aquaparks, etc., which will be way more enjoyable in proper wear.

Your good mood and attitude – because anywhere you go, this will always be the best outfit, and it looks good on anyone!

Aviary Photo_131124566984521652



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