The mighty girl’s heart

The joy of being a mother- enormous, great, immense…
We all know that, it is wonderful, it really is, but I won’t talk about that now.
I will talk about these other things a girl wants, those that we don’t dare admit, especially in front of other mothers… Because despite being a mom, a woman can be, and is, so much more…
Yes, a child, a home, a loving family, these are the biggest gifts you could ask for, a blessing, but you know what else is wonderful? Being your own person, having your own space, interests, money, voice, dreams to dream, winds to chaise, places to go…

I know you, girl.
I am you, I am you every day. Every morning when I wake up facing a day of changing diapers, preparing lunches, doing the dishes. Every evening when I fall asleep on the third sentence of my book, and in the middle of the movie, or worse… Every time when I walk on the street and see a pretty girl with perfect nails, hair, skin, clean clothes and a well-behaved child, or a girl laughing with her friends, going out for drinks, talking about interesting events and ideas, I am you!
I know you when you want to scream at Life – hold on, I am not getting off yet, I still have the wind in my hair, I still have the Sun in my eyes, I still have fire in my heart, I am still getting stronger, I am! I hear you sigh, I see the star-dust that follows your steps, I know your heart, it’s the mighty girl’s heart.


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