To Live Prague

I will never forget the day I visited Prague for the first time.
Sometimes one pair of eyes and one heart are just not enough, to deal with all the emotions and information that go through you.
Prague is considerably bigger than the city I come from, but that wasn’t the most fascinating thing about it, there was something else, there was this feeling of being present, careless to who watches, like falling in love, or coming home after a long, long journey.

The first thing that made me sigh was the diversity of carefree people sitting all around, in parks, on the river bank, pretty much anywhere you can think of. What were they doing? Just sitting there, idle… Which is a little ironic, because in years 2014/15 Prague was the city with the lowest unemployment rate in Europe.
I felt strangely at peace, strangely because when you are used to a city with different dynamics, it’s only natural to feel overwhelmed and stressed in a city full of people, cars, buses, trams, boats, etc. So, oddly, I felt nothing like that, it felt so peaceful to me.
The women- walking swiftly in their tennis shoes, dressed tidy and comfortably, smiling, laughing, at ease.
The young people- colourful, vibrant, full of joy, passing by, stepping so lightly, as if walking on clouds.
And the elderly couples walking around holding hands, men- shaved, women- with lipstick, sipping freshly brewed coffee at some farmer’s market.
The kids- strong, eyes like stars, brave hearts in tiny bodies, quite independent for kids, I must say.

And that’s how our love story began. I fell in love, she gave me her warmth and comfort but refused to make a binding promise, and I accepted, like a fool. But what are promises compared to experiences?


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